6 comments on “Reasonably Priced Decks: Toreador antitribu

  1. The crypt can use Venere Carboni. priscus with full disc.spread, plus useful ability….

  2. Hi Ralf,
    Nice deck! I have a few ideas for improvement if you don't mind.

    I think that Blood Doll is preferable to Minion Tap in this deck because your guys are mostly mid-caps and may need blood themselves. Also, Zillah's Valley doesn't go well in this deck because you only have 4 valid targets. Info Highway would probably be a lot more useable. Had you considered including a Crusade (I know they are rare, but there must be random copies laying around since they are rarely played). With all of the Scalpel Tongue I would think you could get one through. A Barrens could be good to flush the cards you don't need. Finally, an auspex skill card might be useful given that most guys don't have AUS.

  3. Thanks for the improvements tips. Information Highway is superior for this deck I guess. I am not so sure about the Blood Doll vs. Minion Tap. In the beginning of the game you might want to pull 4-5 blood of the big guys. The Crusade would be an option (and there not so hard to get), maybe dropping one Scalpel Tongue or Bewitching Oration.

  4. Hello!
    Is there any chance to buy any of these reasonable priced decks from you if I am from Europe?
    Thanks for your answer in advance.

  5. Sorry, currently I am only selling those decks within Germany, and usually only during tournaments. The reason for this is, that I try to avoid the extra work (packaging, going to the post office & handling the payment). Plus I only have a very small stock of decks.

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