2 comments on “Black Hand Distribution

  1. Check out “Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand” book. There are in reality 2 factions of the group, one being part of the Sabbat, and the other a far older organization, the Tal'mahe'Ra.

    The book was later RetConned with the advent of 3rd edition. But I think it was the first book that had stats for Old Clan Tzimisce, True Brujah, and Nagaraja as well as the Path of Lilith.

  2. In any case, the assamite being well represented is in the lore in several occasions. For !gangrel, no such thing, apart the discipline synergy.

    The dirty secret of the black hand is a mess, because a lot of thing in it have been changed afterward and don't line up with the CCG at all.

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