5 comments on “Reasonably Priced Decks: Lasombra

  1. It is hard to do a really good cheap Lasombra deck because you won't have Blanket of Night, Shroud of Absence, or Deflection. Delaying Tactics is borderline, but you could always use Poison Pill instead. With all of the Nocturns and Governing down, I would think there might be room for at least 1x Shroud of Night.

    I don't think that the Potence angle or the Leather Jackets really belong in here because they eat up actions and don't accomplish what you want. How about just plain Dodge?

    On the master side, I would drop the 2x Vessel in favor of some of the following:

    Life in the City
    The Coven (if you can get a deal on it)

    Change of Target might be a decent card to substitute for stealth since it is hard to come by in this deck.

    I'm looking forward to the next deck!

  2. Thanks for the explicit feedback.

    I missing more cards like Anarch Troublemaker, Pentex Subversion and Misdirection (the later mentioned by you). These also would make the lack of stealth less significant.

    I know the Potence angle is essentially not needed for the deck itself, but I wanted to utilize all three clan disciplines.

  3. I think that Wider View is not good there as crypt is unique and dominate master would be better because of Redirection and possible Scouting mission superior. Deck is nice one and can surprise a bit.

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