5 comments on “Poll Results: "Do you use card sleeves when playing VtES?"

  1. How does this break down by geography?
    I think if you had a separate poll for European players and for US players you'd see a very different picture…

  2. Don't forget the small pool of player that responded. That help explain why they may be a lot of collector and / or other funky results. It does not try to be a scientific and undeniable proof that most people play with sleeves.

    And, Ossian, I would not be surprised if they were more difference between cities and playgroup than between Europa and America as a whole.

  3. @Ke: My mistake with the numbers. Unfortunately I don't have the original numbers anymore, but at least it adds to 162 votes total now.
    Cowboy Jim was the default choice in polls on some geek website (can't remember which one). Kind of a running gag ..

    @Ossian: Breakdown by geography .. don't know. There's no option when preparing the poll to make a difference there.

  4. From my experience, almost all Players in Sydney use Sleeves… even in social play. There is one player I can recall off the top of my head who rarely uses sleeves in tournament play (and that particular deck is really showing its age and usage). Players seem to think it to be good form to bring a sleeved deck (or maybe they just don't trust the other gamers not to spill Coke over the game table).

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