3 comments on “Results "If I was your vampire" VtES Tournament in Bochum

  1. I've provided deck by e-mail. Feel free to publish it.

    Tournament was very good. I was quite tired in the finals but fortunately other players were exhausted :).

    Most important thing for me was that I was 1st so I could pick my sitting. Michael H. Surprised me when he chose to sit as baali vote prey because that way it was clear for me that they will fight for vote majority together and he couldn't use his corruption trick. I didn't wanted to sit between them because they would oust me together in no time. Even sitting crosswise I was quite afraid of setites to vote me out. Fortunately that didn't happen until end of the game when it wasn't even possible.

    I had drawn very bad opening crypt. No real bleed vampire, no fight vampire. At least I've got 1 magaji out which meant around 4 pool dmg to my prey “for free”.

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