5 comments on “Great Lakes (Origins) NAC Qualifier 2011

  1. 1. Sven Randy Rudstam (SWE) — 3 VP — Gangrel Tap&Bleed
    2. Rodd Closson (USA) — 2 VP => !Malk (3-4) DEM obf
    2. Brad Cashdollar (USA) — 0 VP => Toreador wall'n guns
    2. Sarah Ritzius (USA) — 0 VP !Malk (2-3) DEM OBF
    2. Pascal Bertrand (FRA) — 0 VP Ishtarri No Secrets

    Randy (1) => Rodd (2) => Pascal (4) => Sarah (5) => Brad (3)
    (in parentheses: ranking before the finals. What matters is: Brad was after Rodd, and Randy was first).

    My Ishtarri deck didn't last long and was ousted in ~40 minutes.
    Sarah had a shot at Brad and tried to oust him, but she was 1 card low and couldn't get him. Rodd ousted her quickly.
    It was down to Randy, Rodd, Brad.
    Brad would only win if he gets 3 VPs.
    Randy wins if he gets 2.
    Rodd wins if he gets 3 or gets 2 and Randy doesn't get 2.

    Rodd couldn't oust Brad, but he tried – Hagar Stone in torpor wasn't helping.
    In the end, Randy got his window and lunged. Anneke block all actions, and sent Randy's dudes into torpor.

    Rodd transfered out, giving 1 VP to Randy, expecting Brad to take the remaining 2.
    But Brad couldn't win, and decided to king-make the non DEM deck, and transfered out.
    Randy got 2 (3) VPs due to his preys transferring out when he had all his vampires in torpor and only Jake ready.

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