8 comments on “Deck Archetypes: Weenie Computer Hacking

  1. Minor correction: Kevin Scribner's original “Friendmaker” deck was specifically Dominate weenies and made use of Deflection. More annoying than plain Computer Hacking Weenies. :)

  2. This article could use some proof reading. I consider Leverage to be a great boon to weenie bleed decks just because they take so many bleed actions. If you can play 1-2 per turn, that prey is dead even faster. Leverage can even be used in combination with other bleed modifiers.

  3. This deck was very scary long ago when misdirection could tap X vampires. My friend played one and games usually lasted for 15 minutes with him getting a GW. That was the time when no real anti weenie card except of anarchist uprising was present.

  4. I've used a quite bloody variant of this archetype were I combine the Computer Hacking concept with fortitude weenies and Trap/Undead Persistence. I'ts always a joy to see Rufina Solidad torporize a high-cap vampire or two …

  5. Another probably key variation of this deck would be the Deep Song Killer-type deck.

    Weenie Animalism using Deep Song as the bleed card and sometimes a rush-clearing function utilising Crows + Bats.

  6. No secrets + .44 Magnum or perma prevent also kills the deck (sure there is always pentex but then again there is always pentex somwere)…

  7. Malkov, anti weenie Justine, Elder of Dallas has been around from day 1 :)

    Just get her a maneuver (perhaps from a gun) and shell totally trump this kind of deck.

    I can also attest the joy of using the fortitude variant, as most probably many of you can attest. It has been mutating throughout the years, but one older version at least can be found at the newsgroup searching with Winter War.

    I think that since the deck tends to oust its first prey very promptly it hugely benefits from cards like Bitter and Sweet Story and Gambit Accepted. Sometimes you even get to use From a Sinking Ship, especially when you can bounce.


  8. I would include an Arnathebes in such a deck myself for contesting. With that you can make a surprising lunge for a Methuselah who thought to be save.

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