3 comments on “Deck Builder vs. Player

  1. I have to self nominate here, my deck suck, in fact Sebastian Maurer summed it up best “You seemed to win in spite of those cards you put in your deck”.

    Fun times

  2. Hi folks.

    Is a change in format for the deck reports in order?

    For instance:

    Deck Name: AAA
    Played by (tournament winner): BBB
    Based on/inspired by: CCC

    Most players are pretty good about giving credit where it is due – but sometimes these things can slip through the cracks.

    A more formal, specific line in the tournament report would remind people to help describe the origin of the deck – regardless of whether it was net-decked, a collaboration, inspired by a mid-tournament conversation or simply a whim that developed into a playable deck.

    Kind regards.

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