3 comments on “Deck of the Month: November 2010: True Power

  1. How did he use vaticination? Did he discard any bounce cards he saw in anyone's hand or did he discard AI from people's hands or did he use it to check for bounce then bleed? I like this card, especially at three stealth!

  2. If I remember correctly, Peter was removing a Direct Intervention from his predator's hand. But I was his prey and had no bleed bounce in my hand, so that might be an atypical card removal.

    But I think (as you thought also) in general it's to remove bleed bounce or Archon Investigation.

  3. most of the time I used it to discard mastercards like villein, pentex, AI, montreal and such. but you can never know what you'll find in some people's hand :)

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