16 comments on “VtES EC 2010 Decks of Interest

  1. My favorite was the Al-Muntathir summon history powerbleed, I was his prey. Totally screwed me over but it was cool. :)

  2. Yeah, I was ousted by Peter on Day 2, too. I never knew what actually hit him, because it was the first time in a long while that I have played against the True Brujah. But like you said, I really liked both the concept and the execution of the deck.

  3. I played on a table with Frode.

    Nice deck with Nadima and Atch the Viper. I thik he managed to employ 6 Atch the viper…scary :D This was a great table too with Sebatian Meurer, Mike Wilson dans Mathieu Rivero.
    Nice players and really cool guys.

  4. Tomas W. playing the “Al-Muntahir Summon History Powerbleed” is from (SWE) not (FIN) =)

    Nice to see that so many of the “rouge” decks are from the nordic countries, makes me wonder about the meta in the upcoming swedish and finnish ECQ's =P.

    It's nice to know that there is such a thriving deckbuilding vibe going around.


  5. Hi, I don´t want to toot my own horn in any way, but the Al-Muntahir powerbleed deck bled for 16 in the bleed action, not 7. In hindsight it was the wrong tournament to play the deck in and if not for great people like Bogi it wouldn´t be one of the more memorable days on EC for me. There has been a mixup in the decklist on secret library where the heart of the city has been listed as a Heart of Nichetus. Who can I contact to fix that?


    Tomas W (SWE)

  6. @Abdul alHazred: You're right. I didn't do the exact math here:

    Heart of the City +2
    Pulse of the Canaille +2

    Guarded Rubrics +2 (as action; cannot be combined with Cheat the Fates)
    Laptop Computer +1

    J. S. Simmons, Esq. +1
    Robert Carter +2
    Tasha Morgan +1

    Total (Permanents): +11 bleed

    Action/Action Modifier:
    Cheat the Fates +2 (action; cannot be combined with Guarded Rubrics)
    Aire of Elation +2
    Quicksilver Contemplation +2

    Total (Transient): +6 Bleed

    Total Bleed: +15 (either Cheat the Fates or Guarded Rubrics)

    Regarding the correction of decklists. I have entered them into the Secret Library, so I am able to correct them. In your case, I have already done so.

    @Bogi Brimir: In addition, I am not sure if Bogi Brimir's initial response was referring to Peter's or Tomas' deck.

  7. Ottos Kyoko deck should be some sort of blood denial. He has been playing with that in Tampere quite a while now and I think it could use some upgrades. Suddenly you realize that you are without blood hunted by society…

  8. Hey Ralf,

    Nice effort to point out the more interesting decks. Just wanted to point out that in my deck (the one Pieter played) you're supposed to bleed with the Greater Curse to make your Infernal Servitors bleed at 1 stealth and to gain a pool when they do so, making them essentially free.

    Also, you seem to have made a slight error with entering the deck; there should be 9 Infernal Servitors and 1 Veneficti :)

  9. In my opinion this is a very interesting post. People who couldn't attend this year's championship (like me) should be and will be very grateful for that big chump of information. Cheers for that, Ralf!

    I think it is very good to point out people who take the time to build unique and/or otherwise outstanding decks. It is a good thing to honour their efforts in this way.

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