8 comments on “Results EC 2010: European Championship (Day 2)

  1. I knew Brian would do well.
    He was kind of “on fire” when we met him just before the finals :)

    Playing abombwe and winning the biggest event with it will, i hope, inspire players around the world to try new decks, strategies and disciplines :)

    thank you for that Brian, and congratulations :)

  2. Hey, Brian here. Just wanted to say the deck is called “17 wakes” and that the decklist is missing a Well-Marked (I was using a total of 2). The deck size is 83.

    And thank you, Reyda, for all your help and support during the last week!

  3. Akunanse Bleed/Combat – I can see the combat, but where is the bleed? 7 Deep songs is not much ousting power.

  4. Brian told me, that he uses the Deep Song mostly for bleeding, not so often for the rush action. In addition: Amavi has +1 bleed, Fakir al Sidi has +1 bleed, and the Reliquary gives +1 bleed as well. And he can tap out a lot, because of the 17 “wakes”.

    But I agree, it's not a powerbleed deck. ;)

  5. Heya,it's Mehdi here , Congratulation
    to brian , this event was so great and be sure i will be to EC next year :) . Btw there is a little mistake on my name : It is Mehdi Mazni not Medhi Mezni ;)

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