8 comments on “Rest for the weary

  1. I was starting to worry.. ;) But I understand your reasons.. Personally I haven't got an overdose yet, but I hope the game stays alive so I can experience the phenomenon some day..

  2. Ralph,
    Take all the time you need. You do a great job with this blog. If your batteries need recharged, then please make sure that gets taken care of. I appreciate all of your work.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. I really enjoy reading your log. Hope you'll find the fun in the game again.

  4. has the same problem here. (and not having been able to buy Httb starter was also a problem for my motivation)

    thansk for all your post on thsi blog. will still wait for the new one ;)

  5. why would they stop producing it? as long as the stuff sells out where`s the problem with continuing producing?

  6. @JoMuc:
    Because White Wolf is no longer in the capacity to decide what they do and don't. Since they were swallowed by CCP (or since the two of them merged, to state the official version), many of the classic WW lines of production (printed P&P supplements, for example) have been modified or cut down. CCP needed WW for the WOD-License, the other products wont hold much interest for them, because they supply a market CCP has zero experience in. From an economic point of view, it makes no sense for them to continue lines that don't fir into their key product (MMORPGs), especially since VTES is OWOD and not WOD, like the product they are currently working on.

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