3 comments on “Poll Results: "Would you like to see a reprint of HttB?"

  1. So many good cards in here, indeed, and until the next set where we could have ¿a couple of villeins? in the starter, people need them.
    The 3x Target Vital and so does the Eyes of Argus were disbalancing the !Salubri starter deck to the most wanted deck of the set.

    I voted “Yes” to both, boosters and starters. Imho, bloodlines are always fun.

  2. having no chance to had some of the starter was one of the reason i am currently stopping the game.

  3. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!?

    HttB Boosters are still avalable -why ask WW to reprint them?

    Stopping the game because of missing starters that contain just reprints sounds, erm, strange.

    Granted a bigger print run might've been in order.

    Starters ARE still available from some retailers. You have to pay the MSRP though -so no *gasp* deeply discounted stuff available.

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