5 comments on “"Heirs to the Blood": Top Crypt & Library Cards

  1. Code of Samiel has a few added benefits:
    -It's not a location and is, therefore, free from a lot of mischief.
    -It's not a Hunting Ground, further limiting mischief and letting you use a real HG to give the same !Salubri blood(i.e. with a !Salubri/!Ventrue deck)
    -The one blood a !Salubri gains is not optional, so you will have a harder time screwing yourself over.

    On the down side, it can only help !Salubri

  2. I have to defend Bliss!
    When playing big cap Toreador decks or any other AUS DOM PRE deck (Mary Anne Blaire, Rafael de Corazon, Lucian the Perfect, etc.) Bliss will make you totally invulnerable to any combat deck. Charismatic Aura + Bliss means you need not to be afraid of Immortal Grapple nor Rotschreck!!! Rotschreck is still a frequently used card around here, so I am happy to have Bliss available.

    As for clan Samedi: “Ousting power is for men with small penis”

  3. Darlene Killian pays extra for allies and retainers not equipment and retainers. I p[lay Ahrimanes gun wall and I was very happy to see ani spi for minimal price, and after few games I'm fond of this vampire.

    Faerie Ward … rush cards or temptation are directed against minions not player (“you”). Other cards that affect actions against player and cards that player is controlling states separately that it can be used when targeting either player or his cards.

    About F.W. I might be wrong but I think this card is far more limited than you say.

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