3 comments on “Results "Eden’s Legacy" Storyline Tournament in Bochum

  1. It was the “Eden's Legacy” storyline tournament, which had a special rule that allowed a player to search for card in his library when a Laibon entered the controlled area.

    So the deck in its current form is much less weaker in a regular game, or at least needs two more Static Virtue (removing two of the Oruns for example).

  2. Unfortunately the deck is not working in the form posted. When playing “Static Virtue you need to play “Aye” and Orun in pairs according to the VtES rulings webpage:

    Static Virtue:
    # For a Laibon moved into the ready region in the last influence phase, Static Virtue must retrieve Aye and Orun in pairs — the same number of Aye as Orun. [LSJ 20051127]

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