3 comments on “Visuals of VtES Promo Cards 2009

  1. Looks like WW is granting us with good promos(better than the last set of 8 where the best card was a werewolf that allows you to pay 1 pool per master card, remember ^^)

    Some very nice ideas, I am very eager to use them in tournament

  2. Abactor is a great card, could use it with Muaziz, Ariadne or Samat Ramal-Ra, while Tariq has no use of it, he is cap 3 basic or Theo who needs a price or a justicar. I allready see a bloat deck based on Muaziz, she’s the only one with bleed defense :)

    And Fourth Cycle with Anthelios and Scourge of the Enochians is a very bad combo, cause it completely destroys weenie concept :( No more decks based on AUS, CEL, DOM, PRE,…

    Not that I’m complaining :) All promos are super, but these two are the best.

  3. Rogue looks good compared to Rubicon. I think that says more about Rubicon’s craptasticallity than Rogue’s goodness. Move over 6th Tradition, your corner just got more crowded!

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