9 comments on “Results "Praxis Seizure: Cologne" VtES Tournament in Cologne

  1. It is indeed a DOOM-spelling 7-card hand, with Dragonbound and Elder Library next to it ;) i actually put it near the DB on purpose, so people wouldn’t have to ask about my handsize though.
    For those who are wondering why there are only 3 weapons on my minions, i played 2 Dragon’s Breath Rounds earlier, and cycled the other guns with specialization + dreams of the sphinx.
    The rest of my deck (roughly ~10-12 cards) consisted mostly of previously WMO’ed cards, and i’d say i would’ve run out of cards in each game i won this tournament, if i hadn’t had that WMO.

    P.S: I should have had 6 more pool (from the oust) and Jeroen’s coven on the picture, but i guess it doesn’t matter ;)

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