6 comments on “Deck Archetypes: Gangrel Renegade Garou

  1. Writing the articles on the deck archetypes require quite some time, and I was rather busy the past few months.Next to come: “<>Malk ’94<>” and “<>Ventrue /w Obfuscate Vote<>“.

  2. Would not say that this is the archetype I like the most but… why not eheheIn any case, the article is very interesting.

  3. Another avenue for paying the exorbitant 5 pool costs is to run heavy amounts of Regeneration and Minion Tap. You can spice in Day Op/Daring the Dawn to really make sure the recruit actions go through, drop down into torpor and get MT’d if you didn’t just drain them the turn they come out; by definition, you just threw a fresh Garou in front of diablerie attempts. With all the built-in stuff that Garous have, I felt I had room to back the operation with Crimson Furies, Movement of the Slow Body, etc. Force of Will actually works in this deck too (not a big fan of the card, generally) for some forward punch.

  4. I've been eagerly wanting to see White Nights Massacre being used in some deck for massive burnings, and while this may not be exactly the best archetype to use it with, I have no doubts that the Gangrel would be one of the clans to get better mileage out of it because of the Garou (though !Gangrels' Black Spiral Buddy and Sabbat cardinals' Harzomatuili are probably better if one can get them into combat consistently).

    White Nights Massacre
    Type: Event
    During your next discard phase, you must burn this card, and you may either burn a vampire in torpor or, by tapping a ready werewolf ally you control or discarding a White Nights Massacre from your hand, burn all vampires in torpor.

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