4 comments on “Card Distribution in "Keepers of Tradition"

  1. Well, I bought 2 boxes as well and the worst thing happened to me. 32 same rares! So maybe your assumption is not THAT precise.Anyways, I was pissed, lots of double rares of which I already had a few.But what me worry? Among those 8 different rares was an Enkil Cog and now I have 2 Scourge of the Enochians’ and 2 Unmaskings, which is exactly the amount I would have them in use. Enkil Cog is nice, but I wouldn’t want to build a deck leaning only on that card. Only one is a nice extra.-TH

  2. I bought two boxes too and had nearly the same set of rares. As it included two Mind Rapes, two Charisma, two Unmasking and the poolgaining locations I wasn’t too much pissed. Although getting no Touch of Clarity, no Warsaw Station, no New Carthage and Heart of Nizchetus is annoying.

  3. Same here. The same 32 rares in two boxes.And calling a card ‘common’ which shows up 1 or 2 times in a display is simple a joke.

  4. Well, the common cards not being a common are due to the same problem that are in other big sets eg. Legacies of Blood. It’s all mathematics (36*5/100=1.8) so what did u expect? It’s not a joke, the set is just too big. And it’s all there to be seen before u buy a box. Personally I prefer getting 1-2 of all the cards than getting 0-10 of every card in a box. And I’m still talking about commons. The distribution of uncommons and rares is the problem.I think the main reason for complaining not getting enough new commons is the Horseshoes. It’s like a new hype; everybody wants 16 horseshoes to build an irritating deck that I believe would not even be that efficient. (I already have my tre-weenie deck with 27 cryptic missions, it’s fun, everybody hates it but it still isn’t that efficient)-TH

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