6 comments on “Deck Archetypes: Anson Master

  1. Am I wrong or does a Delaying Tactics only prohibit a methuselah’s vampires from calling a vote to remove the Anarch Revolt which was already tried to get rid of?I mean – isn’t a second Anarch Revolt a second (and different) political action, since the card that allows you to do so is another?keep up the good work :)

  2. Of course you’re right. There are two pair of political cards I am always mixing up:“<>Political Strangehold<>” vs. “<>Reins of Power<>” and “<>Year of Fortune<>” vs. “<>Rumors of Gehenna<>“

  3. Also Anson cannot use Telepathic Misdirection to bounce bleeds – he lacks superior Auspex.Michael Luther doesn’t fit into an Anson deck – illegal crypt, since he’s group 3.Having played such a deck myself I would like to comment that you make it seem a tad too easy: Minion Tap/Golconda is absolutely crucial, bringing up someone like Democritus hardly possible if you want to glide through the table with about 5 AR in play while Life Booning people that get ousted “out of order”.Also the whole Majesty/Obedience thing was never that consistent in a deck running 50+ masters and not cycling very quickly.On how to beat them: Ally rush works reasonably well against Obedience, they say… Additionally Anthelios and Parthenon were somewhat crucial – if you destroy, cancel or contest (P.) them, the deck was in trouble.All in all it’s moot anyway, deck doesn’t work any longer, and good riddance I say.

  4. You are correct about multiple “<>Anarch Revolts<>” and the “<>Delaying Tactics<>“. The exact same situation is described in this< HREF="http://groups.google.com/group/rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad/browse_frm/thread/cb9cf63374767702" REL="nofollow">Usenet newsgroup thread<>, and LSJ had ruled that a particular DT only “protects” the one AR that it was played against for a turn. Other vampires may try to call a vote to remove the other ARs in play.

  5. Looks like I haven’t had my best day when writing this article. I will copy-edit it later today, and try to correct more of the errors that are apparently in the text.Thanks for all the <>constructive<> criticsm.

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