5 comments on “Deck Archetypes: Inner Circle Vote

  1. Best version I played and dismantled cause it was too broken was to combine 10 and 11 cap crypt with PRES and bloat with votes to the point that at end game 2 inner circles and a Justicar where burned but I had table win with 5 IC and a Justicar on table at close to full capacity plus around 90 pool.

    Sorry, it was long ago and i don't remember the exact crypt and library.
    No PTO though. Never could get any of those.
    Used lots of Banishments, Kines and The vote that allows you to get cards back from ash heap(4).
    Obviously majesties for combat.
    I played it 4 times and won all 4.
    After that the rest of the play group banned the deck.

  2. Thank you for this interesting article!

    I do have a question about the following:

    What kind of benefit you get from having 2 or more ready Inner Circle?

    I do not see the advantage of having multiple IC but having a Justicar and few princes to help out is great!

    Thanks for sharing your opinion

  3. Quite simple. The IC can bleed for three without playing cards. A feat most Justicars/Princes are not capable of. And every other vote deck may need to negotiate political actions with you (depending the overall vote sitation).

    Playing Princes & Husticards on the other hand have other benefits as well, especially being able to play Parity Shift or Second Tradition: Domain.

    In the end it really depends what kind of deck direction or style of play you intent to use.

  4. shouldn't the new IC decks featuring Lutz, Rafael De Corazon and Adana De Sforza be in here too? It's really the same deck just with a different discipline spread (AUS OBF PRE).

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