4 comments on “"Twilight Rebellion": Top Five Crypt & Library Cards

  1. I think you might be over-estimating the value of ‘Jacob Fermor’s’ specials and ignoring, say, the all-substance, no-flash ‘Louis Fortier’, who has the discipline spread of a pocket sized ‘Arika’, and looks to be almost universally useful.

  2. I agree that “<>Louis Fortier<>” is a vampire we’ll see quite often in the future offering the same Ventrue & Obfuscate package as “<>Robin Withers<>” or “<>Catherine Dubois<>” also have. But there were only 5 spots in the Top Five available, and in fact too many good vampires. For example “<>Topaz’<>” special ability is also quite good.

  3. I think that Juniper is one of vampires that should be on this list. Build in entrancment is more than great in this game =]

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