2 comments on “Did you know, that … (Part 16)

  1. That’s an easy one to miss during a game. I wonder if there is a good online resource for situations where an action ‘fizzles’. Like, I’ve read that if some protean deck forms of the mist after you block their bleed, a psyche will start a new combat and for some reason fizzle their bleeding action. Never seen it happen at a tournament, but it’s a curious bit of trivia.Cool blog. Like the header graphic.

  2. As far as I know there is no such source of information. There’s of course the official WW ruling webpage, but it’s sorted by <>cards<>, not by <>effects<>.I have seen the “<>Psyche<>” vs. “<>Form of Mist<>” scenario a number of times during games myself. It’s not very unsual situation.Maybe I will start to compile a list of the sitation where actions or effects “<>fizzle<>” in the near future.

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