4 comments on “Card Advantage in VtES (Part 2)

  1. Additional cards for cycling/tutoring/etc.1)Pandora’s Whisper. No one ever blocked this action when I used it (because it was beneficial for rest) and most times it was beggining of end or at least hard time for my pray.Allows to draw and then discard or rearange cards.2)Learjet not the best card ever but in some decks might be usefull.3)Cracking the Wall i don’t recomend this card for serious play but it can do some mess.4)Spirit Summoning Chamber allows to search for card requireing tha (might be quite usefull).5)Mokole blood gives some space for cards requireing ser

  2. @Sluagh: Thanks for your comment! You’re completely right. I admit that there are more cards that allow you to cycle/tutor/… cards, but I intentionally didn’t want to make a complete list of all cards in that area, the article is IMHO long enough already. But again, thanks for your comment!

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