4 comments on “Coping with Bleed Bounce

  1. You mention Spying Mission as the way of reducing the effect of your bleed after it’s been bounced, but there are some others.If you are not bounced at stealth, Change of Target, Meld with the Land and Psychomachia (at pre) make sure your grandprey doesn’t need to expend his resources dealing with your bleed.Tangle Atropo’s Hand works similar to Change of Target, with two great differences: Firstly a block _attempt_ is enough for playing it so the amount of stealth is irrelevant, and secondly it lets you go and bleed again the same turn with the same vampire.

  2. Yes, you are right. I personally don’t play “Change of Target” or similar cards very much, so I <>totally<> forgot about those. I will update the article accordingly soon.

  3. A further restriction on Approximation of Loyalty is that you cannot play any further action modifiers, so if you haven’t played a bleed modifier yet, you won’t be able to.Also, you can’t use Hall of Hades’ Court to cancel a bleed bounce, since it’s only usable during a referendum.

  4. If you were an all Laibon deck you could use Terra Incognita to cancel a bounce directed at you. Since the “bouncer” has already declined to block, or can’t block due to stealth, they would likely take the full bleed.

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