2 comments on “Deck Archetypes: Breed & Boon

  1. Don’t forget Daughters of Cacophany with Conductor. Ben Peal and I have been using versions of this with some success — well, him more than me, since he won both the EC and NAC with it, IIRC.Keep up the great work with the blog. And maybe you could promote ways to play V:tES online in a future entry (I run the JOL league).Cheers,WES

  2. Thanks for the feedback!I was aware of DoC Boon deck (encountering one at the last tournament I played), but deemed it too exotic in the first place. Now that you mentioned it, I will add it soon to the article.The “VtES Online” article is a great idea. I will write one soon, and maybe even trying to play <>JOL<> before/then.

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